Hypertherm 0880079 Powermax30 Review

Hypertherm 0880079

The best plasma cutter should offer a superior performance in a compact and safe package. This Hypertherm 0880079 Powermax30 review looks into a model that combines design and performance for the cutting edge.

Efficiency is the rule of thumb for work, whether on an industrial or personal scale. An ideal plasma cutter could achieve efficiency by being portable and handling a wide range of applications, as well as offer great performance even on thicker metals. The Hypertherm 0880079 Powermax30 is a versatile and high output plasma cutter that works well on a range of conductive electric metals of varying thicknesses.  It is sturdy and well built, with a similarly durable and comfortable torch. It is also designed for cutting and gouging in tighter spaces, which makes it ideal for precision work. It can be suited both for the heavy duty demands of a professional workspace and versatile needs of DIY crafts.

What should you expect from the Hypertherm 0880079 Powermax30?

The Hypertherm 0880079 Powermax30 is a reliable plasma cutter with unique benefits. This model is small and lightweight, allowing easy transportation and secure storage. It delivers a great performance on aluminum, brass, alloy and stainless steel as well as other conductive metals. The Powermax30 is a versatile tool, as it can provide power for heavy duty cutting but may also be set for precision cutting. 

This model features the Duramax LT torch, which is designed to withstand high temperatures and impact. It also has a one-knob interface, which increases the ease of use.  It weighs only 9.8kgs, and can be carried easily thanks to a shoulder strap. It also comes with a carrying case cutting gloves and shaded glasses, which will make your cutting experience safer and more convenient. The Hypertherm 0088079 Powermax30 combines efficiency with versatility to great effect.

Key Hypertherm 0880079 Powermax30 features and specifications

The accessories included with your Hypertherm 00880079 PowerMax30 will make cutting easier, while the model’s high quality output will ensure faster speeds with minimal secondary operations. This model can provide efficient output across multiple thicknesses, which makes it ideal for both professional and DIY work spaces. 
The Hypertherm 00880079 Powermax30 is a durable high output plasma cutter. It will provide great performance on brass, aluminum, alloy and stainless steel, as well as other  conductive metals. It is also very lightweight and easy to carry. Here are some of the model’s key features and specs.

Improved cutting efficiency

This plasma cutter is designed for a variety of applications. It can be used for drag cutting by sliding the torch across the sheet, for extended reach cutting and gouging in confined work spaces and for fine feature cutting that leaves a narrow kerf and clean edge. The Hypertherm 00880079 Powermax30 guarantees minimal dross thanks to its high end FineCut technology that allows for increased precision. It works well on different metal thicknesses, providing an up to 300% improvement in cut speed when compared to oxyfuel for 1/8 inch sheets. It will work on painted and rusty metal, as long as you secure a good clamping area. Regardless of metal thickness or profile, this high output cutter will ensure excellent cutting speeds and a quality finish.

User friendly build and durable build

The Hypertherm 00880079 Powermax30 features a sturdy build, with a user friendly design. It is reinforced to withstand heavy duty components, such as the high heat.  The model also features a specially designed vinyl cover that provides additional protection in sensitive environments, which boosts its longevity. The torch features patented strain reliefs to withstand impact and high heat levels, as well as a comfortable grip and angle. The Hypertherm 008879 Powermax30 only has a single adjustable knob, with an almost automated in-built system that allows for an easier cutting experience. The model will include a manual, but many video tutorials are available online to help you throughout the setup and operation. Even with minimal experience, you can get this model up and running for those quick, clean cuts.


        Great quality design and build

        Guarantees a clean and precise cut for both thick and thin metals

        Longer warranty for extended coverage

        Includes dust-protection cover

        Increased access to tight spaces

        Auto-voltage technology for hassle-free use in 120V/240V outputs


        May leak if not assembled correctly

Final word

The Hypertherm 0880079 Powermax30 plasma cutter will help you get your gouging, piercing and cutting work done very quickly. It is a reliable cutter which delivers efficient performance for metals of different thickness. This plasma cutter is portable and easy to use, making it ideal for a variety of workspaces. It is fortified and built for additional durability. The two-in-one versatility afforded by FineCut makes this model efficient and unbeatable. With the Hypertherm 0088079 Powermax30, you will be sure to get the right cut for your needs quickly.


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