Super Deal CUT50 Review

Super Deal CUT50

Are you looking for an easy-to-use plasma cutter that provides a clean cut on 1/2 inch metal? This Super Deal CUT50 Review looks into a great quality plasma cutter that could be suited for your needs.

The Super Deal CUT50 plasma cutter is designed to make cutting through metal convenient and hassle free. It is a lightweight and mobile plasma cutter, which provides a clean cut across different metal thicknesses. The model offers durability, as well as added protection for both the device and its users.

What to expect from the Super Deal CUT50

The Super Deal Cut50 is a great low cost plasma cutter that offers high quality output. While it is portable, it is also built with hardened iron for durable heavy duty use. It offers a stable performance with a high duty cycle that ensures lower power consumption. The model also features a digital display for easier management and precise data input. It is very safe, with the additional over-voltage and over-heat protection securing the machine during use. It is also suitable for use in a variety of environments, due to its lax power demands and portable build.

Alongside the manual, this high frequency plasma cutter also includes safety goggles, a wire brush, PG head, a gas pipe clasper, a plasma tip and air regulator. You can also find a set up and operation video on YouTube, which should make it very easy to use if you do not have prior experience.

Key features and specs

A lightweight build enables you to use this plasma cutter in multiple environments, including outdoors plasma cutting. It is an easy-to-use model, with lots of information available online and from the brand on how to set up and use this plasma cutter.

But what else does this high speed and low cost plasma cutter offer?

High output cutting performance

The 240-volt cutter guarantees an efficient cutting performance, which ranges between 1.8 to 2 times faster than flame cutters. It is very powerful and can cut through 1/2 inch metals very easily. You do not have to polish any surfaces before working on them, since this model guarantees standard output across smooth, rusty and painted metal. It will offer sufficient output for both professional and DIY settings.

High quality cut

The Super Deal CUT50 is developed with the latest plasma cutting technology, which ensures it will offer a quality cut every time. It can cut through 1/2 inch aluminum, steel, brass, copper and  other conductive metals with ease. This plasma cutter offers a clean, dross-free cut on all these metals with the standard household current.

High quality build

The digital display of the Super Deal CUT50 combines with eco-efficiency and low energy consumption to improve the build and performance of the model. Unlike other plasma cutters, which may consume a lot of energy, this efficient model provides continuous current regulation at whatever cutting speed and power you choose. It is an ideal low consumption model thanks to the additional design features. The adjustable digital display controls airflow in the torch even after you have finished cutting for a smoother finish. It is also made with heavy duty iron, which makes it less likely to succumb to wear.

Enhanced safety

The Super Deal CUT50 will work with standard 110V household power and still provide high quality output. You do not need to take up additional 220V hookups, which could be both expensive and risky if not connected correctly. The additional wire and mask, which work in tandem with the over-heat and over-voltage protection, help to secure user safety.


  • Impressive cut
  • Compatible with a variety of metals
  • Easy to set up and use, which makes it ideal for small scale cuts
  • A lightweight and portable design for seamless use across multiple workstations
  • In-built heat and voltage protection increases the durability of this plasma cutter


  • Some customers have complained of leaks as a result of poor set up
  • Poor customer service from brand

Final word

The Super Deal CUT50 plasma cutter is a great option for both professional and DIY settings because it guarantees a clean cut every time. It is a value for money purchase when compared to other models because it works just as well as the best plasma cutters available at a fraction of the cost. The Super Deal CUT50 guarantees high quality output, and allows efficient use in multiple workspaces due to its light weight.

This model will offer a quality cut on 1/2 inch metal, which is the industry standard for a great quality plasma cutter. It requires minimal maintenance and set up time, making it an ideal option for relatively new users. The included manual should help you set up in a matter of minutes. The Super deal CUT50 is also protected against excessive heating and unregulated voltage, both of which can cause wear and tear to your unit.

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