Will Plasma Cutter Cut Rusty Metal?

Will Plasma Cutter Cut Rusty Metal

Plasma cutting technology has advanced significantly over the past couple of years. Older models might have had a problem cutting through rust and paint, but newer plasma cutters make light work of these surfaces.

Will your plasma cutter cut rusty metal? If you make sure to secure a clean clamp area for the cut, and allow yourself sufficient clean starting space, you can cut through rusty metal without a problem. You may even be able to cut through painted sheets!

What else do plasma cutters offer?

More than just stainless steel

More than just stainless steel

Plasma cutters are ideal for steel work. They can cut even the thickest surfaces very quickly, allowing for efficient operation. The common misconception that plasma cutters can only cut stainless steel and other non-ferrous materials is misguided and based on perceptions of the past. Plasma cutters can cut through rusty, painted and dirty steel just as efficiently as it would stainless steel.

A variety of techniques

It doesnt matter whether you are cutting, piercing or gouging metal, plasma cutters have advanced to facilitate all three. You can now use your plasma cutter for a variety of functions, which may only require a short learning curve. Plasma cutters have been used on pipes, beveling tools, on robotic arms and on X-Y tables. They are available in an assortment of shapes and sizes, with buyers able to choose a plasma cutter that is suited for their needs.


The modern plasma cutter is lightweight and portable, and may feature an in-built inverter to facilitate alternative sources of power. The portable and detachable air compressor has also played a part in the more mobile design. Plasma cutters are not restricted to a metal work space alone. Their portability and increased compatibility with motor generators makes them ideal for use on the go and for outside projects.

Through thick and thin

In the past, there were restrictions on the thickness of metal that a plasma cutter could cut through. Plasma has evolved beyond oxy-fuel cutting in terms of efficiency, thanks to advancements in consumable, torch and power supply design. With the right plasma cutter, you can sear through metal easily regardless of its thickness.

Easier to use

Plasma cutters may have become more advanced over time, but their user controls have achieved the opposite. Many first time users have understood how to operate their plasma cutters within minutes. Aside from the vast information and tutorials available through DIY platforms, brands will include a comprehensive manual that offers a detailed guide on the use of the specific tool. Some brands may even include the operating instructions in DVD format!

Final word

Plasma cutters offer a value for money performance when compared to other options such as oxy-fuel. They guarantee efficiency and seamless cutting. Unlike oxy-fuel cutters, plasma can be used for precision cutting in a wide range of environments. It will work on rusty and metal, provided you set up a secure clamping area. Plasma cutting is very easy to learn, and each model includes a comprehensive guide on how to operate it.

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